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A Leader in Green Technologies

Welcome to Med-X, Inc.

Med-X, Inc. is an innovator and leader in developing all-natural and alternative solutions to the outdated poisonous chemicals and harmful pharmaceutical products, often used in pest control and pain management. Med-X incorporates best-in-class science and technology for manufacturing and service capabilities across pest control, pain management, aromatherapy and essential oil product development. Commercial sales and third-party service providers are represented and managed through various domestic and international distribution partners. Retail sales are currently conducted by over-the-counter pharmacy retailers and various ecommerce service providers.

Our Divisions


100% Natural Pesticides and Insecticides. Lines include products that kill and repel flying insects, ants, cockroaches, fleas, ticks, bedbugs and other pests.


100% Natural Heating and Cooling Packs. Lines include university tested products for adults, children and pets.


Leading Cannabis News Publication.


100% Natural Aroma Therapy Shower Sprays. Line includes 5 scents that offer a unique spa experience during showering.