Making a Difference, One Community at a Time

Making a Difference, One Community at a Time

Med-X, Inc. is an innovator and leader in developing all-natural alternative solutions to the outdated poisonous chemicals and harmful pharmaceutical products often used in pest control and pain management. Med-X incorporates best-in-class science, research and technology for manufacturing and service capabilities across pest control, pain management and aromatherapy by primarily utilizing essential oil product development.

The company’s sales are represented by multiple commercial sales verticals and third-party service providers managed through various domestic and international distribution partners. Retail sales are currently conducted by over-the-counter pharmacy retailers and various e-commerce service providers.

Through our health-conscious, eco-friendly products, we’re creating a safer, greener world for years to come. Independent toxicity studies have proven that our products come with a greatly reduced risk of cancer and other chronic diseases. And because they’re made with plants, they cause little to no harm to the environment as they do to you.



The management team made up of physicians, scientists and entrepreneurs had all experienced successful and fulfilling careers helping people and building businesses. In 2014 they all came together with a group of investors with the goal of making a difference in the world on a global scale.

“We knew back in 2014 when we formed the company that there was a huge opportunity to help people and communities live safer lives with less dependence on the usage of synthetic chemicals. This trend continues to fuel and inspire our team to help people solve their everyday challenges like pest control and pain management using a more natural approach.”



Eco-Friendly 25(b) Minimum Risk Pesticides for Professional Use


Hot and Cold Therapeutic Solutions for All Ages


Plant-based Pain Management Solutions

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